Every CrossFit gym is independently owned and operated - the experience you receive at one gym could be completely different than the experience you get at another.

At Marvelous CrossFit, we do things differently. Our three core company values guide everything we do:

  • PASSION: You need to love what you do, plain and simple. If you don't, then what's the point?
  • EXCELLENCE: We coach excellence and strive to be excellent, which is achieved through education and execution. Our Founder, a Stanford Grad, built a team that is constantly learning and improving through certifications, practical application, and experience. We recognize "working out" is only part of the fitness equation and have Nutritionists, a Physical Therapist, and Chiropractor on staff to address other aspects of healthy living.  
  • COMMUNITY: We put our clients first, and foster an environment that's safe, inclusive, and fun! No egos allowed - just good vibes and high fives. :)

We don't settle for anything less than the best - our equipment, staff, and clientele reflect a commitment to this ideal. 

Our 5,300 square foot Burlingame CrossFit location is outfitted head to toe with Rogue equipment - the world's #1 supplier of CrossFit equipment. We have enough barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, bumper plates, squat racks, gymnastics rings, and specialty equipment to service large crowds; although we purposely limit our class sizes to 22 people to preserve a high quality training experience.

We have 17 coaches and trainers specializing in an array of fitness modalities: CrossFit, Gymnastics, Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Kettlebell, Endurance, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, and traditional Strength & Conditioning are all things we are well versed in. Whether your goals are to get stronger, burn fat, or simply maximize a healthy lifestyle, the Marvelous team will help you break through to the next level.

The community is comprised of individuals from all walks of life. Corporate executives, police officers, teachers, start-up founders, and even other fitness professionals are enrolled in our programs. While we're located in Burlingame, folks from as far south as San Jose and as far north as San Francisco come to train with us. We're all intent on getting a great sweat on while having fun in the process!

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