Whether you're new to the area or simply aren't satisfied with the level of service you're receiving at your current box, changing boxes can be a really tough experience. 

That's why we offer a free 10 day no strings attached unlimited membership to all athletes with at least 4 months of CrossFit experience.

Test drive the Marvelous experience: get a feel for our coaches and facility, evaluate our programming, and meet our members before making a decision on whether or not you'd like to join.

This also gives us a chance to verify that you'll be a good fit for the Marvelous community.

It's the ultimate "try before you buy" offer, with no credit card required to sign up. :)

To get started, simply fill out the form below and we'll set you up straight away!

Hear From Others That Switched Over To Marvelous

"...I loved my old box but moved to the Bay Area for a new job. I was worried about finding a new box to call home but am loving the community I found here..."

"...completed Fundamentals at a box down the street but felt like those guys weren't really taking care of my needs. After one class at Marvelous I knew this was where I wanted to be..."

"...my old box didn't spend enough time on programming. I can tell the coaches here spend a lot of time thinking it through to make the experience great for the athletes..."

"...I only did CrossFit on my own before and didn't realize how much better the experience could be until I came..."

"...everyone is so nice and supportive. It's a big change from my previous box where people didn't really talk or socialize with each other..."

"...coaches at [box name omitted] had their favorites and everyone could tell. The team here treats everyone the same, and does a good job to make sure there are no cliques..."

"...for me what defines a good box are the coaches and I like the variety and styles that each Marvelous coach brings to the table..."