Coach's Notes: July 2015 Programming

July programming is complete and you can download a copy to pore over here:

July Programming

Here's the method to the madness:

Testing 1RM Or 3RM

This is a month of testing maxes for all the major lifts (there's 11 of them). For each lift you have the option of testing either your 1RM OR your 3RM, but not both in the same day.

Why do you have the choice?

While testing a 1RM is cool, there's not much value of knowing that number other than bragging rights. Also, the 1RM is extremely taxing on the Central Nervous System and the amount of energy and focus required to lift your 1RM doesn't always provide the training payoff we are looking for.

 3RM provides more training utility and presents lower potential training risk. I personally find it to be more useful as a working weigh than the 1RM. 

Testing Benchmark WODs

July programming has many WODs that we've done in the past in addition to several benchmark WODs. This is an excellent opportunity for you to see how you've improved this past quarter and reach for new PRs. :)

Give Me More Dumbbell!

You'll notice the programming is more DB heavy than usual. DBs are an excellent training tool, and we've historically shied away from them because we haven't had enough to satisfy the needs of the athletes. Well, we just got a huge Rogue shipment in that includes enough DBs for everyone so you'll see a more balanced use of these awesome tools.

August & September Programming

We typically release the programming in quarters but Augusta and September are still being finalized. You can expect the remainder of Q3 programming to be released by mid month.


Please feel free to email me,, with any questions or comments you have about the programming. It is our goal to provide robust programming that meets the needs of our community and any and all feedback is welcome.