Q2 Programming Has Arrived!

More Strength, Sweat, And Smiles Now That Spring Is In Full-Swing!

A new quarter of programming has been completed and you can download it here:

Marvelous CrossFit Programming - Q2 2015

We always provide transparency into our thought process behind the programming and here are the objectives we aim to accomplish over the next three months.

General Objectives

  • Build foundational strength in all pushing & pulling movements while incorporating all planes of motion. 
  • Increase aerobic capacity through anaerobic movements.

Specific Objectives

  • A "Marvelous Capacity Challenge" to test and establish a baseline for the following:

A. Maximal power output using a 2RM Back Squat as the form of measurement.

B. Muscular Strength & Endurance using max reps Strict Pull-ups as the form of measurement.

C. A test of anaerobic capacity involving dynamic movements designed to increase the maximum rate of oxygen consumption.

Once the baseline has been set, a re-test will occur in 10 weeks.

  • The use of work-rest ratios of 1:1 or slightly higher/lower is heavily utilized for most Met-Cons. For those not familiar with the concept of "work to rest" it simply means you either spend the same or less time resting between efforts. Leveraging this proven concept forces the body to improve it's ability to buffer the build up of lactic acid, thereby increasing your ability to sustain moderate to near maximal training intensities during the WODs! Take full advantage of the rest periods and GO HARD!
  • A comprehensive 12 week Double Under progression designed to establish and improve efficient Double Under mechanics. 

Tips For Success

  • Plan on attending class on Monday 4/6/15 to participate in the "Marvelous Capacity Challenge." Your participation is vital for establishing a baseline to reference and as a means to measure your progress. If you cannot attend but would like to participate, please contact Coach Ranier or Coach Matt.
  • Track your numbers in Wodify! Many of the strength pieces ask that you work to a "HEAVY SET." Make note of these sets and refer back to them whenever the movements are repeated at later dates. In addition, consider including notes to remind yourself of these efforts. "It felt easy, could've gone heavier" and "was not able to complete all reps" are just a couple examples of little reminders you can jot down to help with determining what weight to use.
  • Invest in your OWN jump rope! While we do provide jump ropes for you to use, nothing compares to a jump rope that has been properly measured to your body. A jump rope is like a shoe - while it can still do the job even if it doesn't fit, the experience is always better when it's sized to you! RPM ropes (which is what the entire staff uses), RX ropes, and Rogue are a few that we recommend. Once you have your own rope, reach out to Coach Ranier and he'll get you fitted.

We hope you enjoy the programming and as always feel free to hit us with any feedback!